Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good Bye Grandpa

Wednesday (Dec 10) we took Hannah out for her 13th birthday.  We got the keys to our new house.  Then we went out to eat for a birthday lunch.  We spent all day out having fun.  I ran to the store and grabbed a few thing for dinner and got her a mango for a surprise snack (she's a mango fanatic).  She cut it up and was eating it.  As dinner was going I was just finishing up the cake batter and about to put it in the oven when my mom called.  I had Hannah answer it because it would be a birthday call for her.  After the happy birthday wishes my mom asked to talk to me. 

My grandpa (94) fell.  He had also been coming down with pneumonia and wasn't feeling good, but seemed to be doing better.  My mom had visited him Sunday and Monday and said he was doing better.  When she called she said hospice was there.  My aunt said he was dying.  My other aunt was calling her, so she let me go.  I put the cake in the oven and hubby asked what was going on.  He could see I was upset.  I said my grandpa wasn't doing good.  That they hoped he wouldn't pass away on Hannah's birthday. One of my kids asked if I meant Brigham's birthday (on the 20th).  I said no, Hannah's.  The phone rang.  He was gone.  Just like that.  No more grandparents.  He told them he was at peace and ready to go.  Then he was gone.  Now I'm getting my kids ready for a 5 hour trip to go to his funeral on Monday.  

I'm trying to be ok.  I cry periodically.  Hannah took it ok.  She was sad, but she wasn't close to him.  The kids are good.  They have lost all 4 of their great grandparents over the last 9 years.  It hit me harder because I spent my summers with them.  Now they're gone.  

Hubby said he thinks there was a significance to him dying on her birthday. That birth and death are close to one another.  He woke up singing this morning the song Closing Time, and said he kept thinking about the part where it goes "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end".

Tonight is Friday.  I was talking to Brigham about his and Abby's visit with their Great Grandpa.  Abby had sung Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree to him.  Brigham said "One morning, when Great Grandpa and I were the only ones up, he told me that he knew he was going to die soon because he was having trouble breathing".  Brent ask Brigham what he said to his Great Grandpa.  He said his reply was, "oh".  The words of a child.  I love him so.  

Here are some pictures of my grandpa during our visit Aug of 2010. 

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