Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back In Shape

Ok, so baby is 1 1/2 weeks old. I'm 1 pound above my pre baby 8 pregnancy weight. I'm 156 right now. :(

My weight was NOT where it should have been when I got pregnant. My fault. I was lazy. I didn't exercise at all. I ate junk food.

I am getting back on track (minus the little raw (eggless) cookie dough binge last night). I've been drinking lots of water, eating (mostly) healthy, limited pop... I am SOOO looking forward to being able to exercise again!!! I got in shape FAST after my 5th when exercising and eating healthy! I CAN DO IT!!!

Anyone want to join me in a healthy body challenge?

My goal...

In 6 months I want to be between 125-130 pounds.

I want to cut out the vast majority of soda. Maybe once a month as a 'treat'.

No more than 1 sweet a day (which should be easy as we don't generally buy sweets.

When my body is ready (about 6 weeks after baby -- around Feb 19) I will exercise 30 minutes a day. Until then I will stay active. Not over doing it, but not sitting around.

Right now:

156 pounds
34.5% body fat (according to my scale)