Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to track your ovulation to get pregnant

If you are needing to track your ovulation in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant, a basal body thermometer is a great way to do so. A basal body thermometer is a special thermometer that measures temperature to a very detailed degree. You can buy them online or at your local drug store, and they are a great way to help you track your ovulation dates. It is important to remember that basal body temperature is the temperature of your body at rest, so you will always want to take your temperature with a basal body thermometer first thing in the morning before even getting out of bed.

Each day, take your temperature with the basal body thermometer first thing in the morning, and write your temperature down on a chart. Do this every single day. It might take a few months to get to the point where you will be able to see a pattern, but eventually, you will notice a slight spike in your temperature on a certain day of the month. This is the surge of the LH hormone in your body, and means ovulation will be occurring very soon. To find out great pregnancy tips, make sure to check out

Friday, December 5, 2014

He fixed what was broken

Last night I was awake before the sun.  Zech has a little croup, and last night he couldn't sleep.  I propped pillows up against the wall, put him on my chest, and sat up with him.  He sang to me.  "Whoooooo" is what he says.  I sat in the dark holding my sweet baby.  7 months old and not feeling good, but he's singing his hoot owl song to me.  I discovered yesterday that when he starts to get fussy, I put his head on my shoulder and make his sing song noise.  Whoooooo

During my time of loving my baby through the dark, sleepless night, I listened to him sing with his little on my shoulder.  I thought about how much had changed since I found myself pregnant with him. 

I was broken spiritually and mentally after Joy's birth.  I was done.  When the 2 lines appeared on the pregnancy test, I cried.  The pregnancy, no matter how much I pretended it was good, it was a burden.  I wasn't happy.  When I was in labor, I just wanted it to be over.  When he was born, I didn't care to hold him. I just draped myself over the box I was leaning over to birth him.  It was done.  That was all. 

Over the next few days I stared at him.  I nursed him.  I snuggled him.  He reminded me of someone.  An old man.  He also reminded me of someone I knew.  I still don't know who.  Zechariah was a stranger to me in spirit.  My other children were familiar.  Some I saw in dreams before birth.  Even today, 7 months later, he's a stranger. 

As I sat in the dark last night, I knew I loved him more than anything I could imagine.  His singing brought me to a thought I'd never had.  Something that healed my broken spirit.  

When I was in labor, I was vocal.  I made a noise that Hannah said sounded like I was singing opera. 

As I listened to him, I realized that was the noise I made.  It was the same song. The same noise. It was a connection to me from his birth.  He was singing my song to him.  A song of birth.  A song of a new beginning.  A time where he fixed what was broken within me.