Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Beginning's End

This last year has been one of the most amazing years.  So many new beginnings, and a few ends. 

All the birthdays for the year are over.  I turned 34 this year.  I was pregnant with my 9th baby, and excitedly awaiting his arrival in April.  Joy turned 1, Bekah turned 4, Zech was born, Abby 10, Moses 6, Sadie 16, Jake 2, Brent 40, Hannah 13, and Brigham 8. 

Hannah (purple jacket) was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz in January.  She had a blast and hopes to get in this next play as well. 

We went to Branson over spring break and stayed in a house with Brent's parents and sister's family. They found out I was expecting baby Z at 37 weeks into the pregnancy. 

I had baby Z at home on April 25, at 40w5d.  His oldest sister caught him.  He's such a happy and sweet baby. 

Brent left to Arizona the first week of June.  He had a job with his friend and another to finish his sister's basement.  It was supposed to be 6 weeks. Sadie and Hannah went to Utah to visit Brent's family until he was finished and would take them home. I stayed home with the kids 10 yrs-newborn until they got back.  What a disaster.  I was overwhelmed.  Brent's job was delayed by weeks.  His sister never did get the loan for her basement. She didn't even apply until middle of July, when he was supposed to be coming home.  
His dad insisted while in Branson that we bring the family out and they would pay for gas. Come end of July, I hadn't seen Brent or the girls for almost 2 months.  There was no end in sight, as his sister was just getting around to applying for a loan for the basement. He talked to his parents about us coming out, and they could meet baby Z for the first time.  Brent said it was all planed, so I went out and bought $50 in snacks for the trip. It was going to be like a 50-60 hour round trip, and I needed something to keep 6 kids happy, plus baby (so I got a few baby things).  I was planning on my brother riding out with us, then flying back home.  When it came time to get my brother's ticket and finalizing when we would come out, his parents told Brent they never said they offered that.  Then they said they did, but instead we opted for the Branson trip (which was not something Brent and I were wanting to do). Things blew up between everyone.  I blocked his family temporarily on facebook because of all the junk going on.  A week went by and Jake turned 3.  They never called, texted, or even acknowledged his birthday at all.  The only child to be completely ignored by them for his birthday.  Well, other than Zechariah, that never had a welcome to the family acknowledgment from them.  That hurt me.  I never once mentioned it to Jacob.  I didn't want him to realize that his grandparents didn't care enough to even email a happy birthday note. 

That passed.  Brent said to forget the basement. He lost 2 1/2 months of Z's life, all our money was spent, and he wanted to come home.  He drive all night to go get the girls, slept 2 hours in the car,  picked the girls up, and drove home to Missouri.  Things again got ugly between his family, and we decided to just cut them from our lives.  Not forever, but a while.  

Then, good things began to happen. We got into several more festival last fall.  That was a huge blessing.  Come November, we had to make a choice with our water where we live.  Either sign up, and be stuck with a water bill forever, even if we don't use the water or disconnect it. Or, not sign up and lose our water service when the new system is installed.  We decided not to sign up.  Then, something good happened.  

The next day, we found a house, put in an offer, and it was accepted at $33,500.  It's needing work, so we are still not living there. It's 3000 sq ft, 5 bd, 2 bath. 

It's beautiful.  We can't wait to move in. 

Then, the end of a legacy. 

Hannah turned 13 on Dec 10.  We took her out to eat.  She came home and I was making her cake when I got the phone call. My grandfather, 94 years old, had fallen.  He said he was ready to go.  My aunt beeped in and my mom let me go.  She called back a few minutes later. Hesitant to answer because I just knew.  She said my grandfather had passed away. 

A strong man. He was buried with military honors.  

The next week I got a call from the newspaper. They wanted me to contribute with a story about me on homebirth.  They saw this blog.  It was featured on the front page on the Christmas Eve edition. 

Since then, Brent's friend Sean has moved out here.  They are out today talking to people and pricing things to get their business started.  

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Jessica Nelson said...

I was pleased to see your interview in the newspaper! I'm from Jameson too and am the BFPC at the Health Department (Jessica Nelson). Love big families and your new house looks so beautiful!!