Sunday, February 23, 2014

To my baby mouse - 32 weeks

Hello my baby mouse.  I feel you inside of me all the time.  I feel you wiggle and move about.  I feel your daily hiccups.  Your brothers and sisters have felt your tiny feet sweep across my ribs.  Last night I put my hand by my pubic bone and felt you move your little head back and forth.  I cry inside thinking of you.  You bring such unmeasurable joy to my soul.  

What a strange and amazing experience it is to feel you growing inside of me.  To know a life is formed, growing bigger and stronger daily.  That you are so unseen to my eyes, but I have been holding you for your entire life.  It seems so impossible, and yet here you are.  So real and true.  

Today I am 32 weeks along.  One day soon you will be in my arms.  I will finally have the chance to see you, to smell you, to touch your skin.  I will finally know you, instead of only seeing you in my dreams.  I will look upon you and have the opportunity to give you a name.  Your true name. 

We will both have gone through the most amazing experience of life.  You began so impossibly small.  You grew and formed into a perfect little person.  You are perfect to me.  I will always love you, baby mouse. 

I am counting down the days and the weeks until I will meet you for the first time.  I can then say, "Hello my baby mouse".