Sunday, April 17, 2016

Giving thanks to life's start and end

What an amazing day.  There's nothing better than teaching my children where their food comes from.  Having them involved in everything from breeding, birth, butchering, cooking, and finally eating.  They were shown why it is that we say a prayer of thanks to God and the creature for providing us nourishment.

April 12, one of our rabbits became a momma.  She gave birth to 9 babies.  We love watching them grow, and at a week old they look so lot different than in the picture.  

So, as m working today, Brent happened to sneak a picture of me with the second rabbit.  This was me getting ready to start skinning.

The kids also had an interesting biology lesson, with me explaining all the organs as we processed the rabbits.  The only thing they were sad about is that I wasn't going to delve into the brain today.  No pictures on that.  I promise.

I plan on eventually tanning the hides, but not this time.  I did get the rabbits cleaned up and they are chilling now.  The kids also insisted on keeping the livers, hearts, and kidneys to eat.  Ummm, I'm not sure how to cook them.  I'll figure something out.

A small moment to cherish.

Here I am, lying in bed just before midnight.  I'm smiling, as I know ill never have this moment back.  I have Z to the right of me.  He's sleeping on his right side.  His little hand resting on my sternum.  His left leg laying across my left leg.

Brent is to my right.  My right leg is tossed over both his legs, as he is diagonal in the bed.  His hand rests on my hip.

It's a happy and peaceful moment to cherish.