Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week 2 Day1

Day 1

The positive of day 1 is that there are only 6 runs, instead of the 8 in week 1.  I love that.  

It was a test of willpower.  On my 4th run I was really wanting to stop.  It didn't help that it was all uphill.  At least I timed it to where I would walk as soon as it got flat. Ha ha!  I didn't find it that amusing at the time.  I almost got sick on that run.  I also lost a little muscle control in my hands after the second to last run. They were spazzing a bit and I felt like crap.  One run left.  The song 'Stayin Alive' came on.  Found that fitting.  It was all flat ground for that run, thankfully.  

I did it! I didn't stop, even though I wanted to!  

Oh.  I weighed myself this morning.  145

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Free Day

Today I got to run to town and load up on my free stuff.  I waited at home until UPS came to drop off my Houseparty box.  I got the Hasbro Simon Swipe Game Night party!

I checked the mail and found my ductape I had won.   

I won 2 free pizzas from Dominos earlier this week.  One for me.  One for hubby.  We went and picked up those pizzas, plus one on special.  We also ran to Walmart and cashed in my coupons for a free frozen pizza, Breyers Indulgence ice cream, and Ritz cracker sandwiches.  Then grabbed a few need items milk and such. 

It was fun going out with the kids and getting everything. By hen coming home and having pizza and a movie.  Plus pizza left over for dinner.  :)

End of Week 1

Today was the end of Week 1 of C25K. As I was hoping, just like last year when I started C25K, day 3 was easier than the other 2 days.  I was even able to sing a little on my cool down walk.  I went a little slower than day 1 or 2.  I was about 5 ft behind my starting and stopping points.  My ankle is hurting quite a bit, so that wasn't helping.  

I'm so excited to see small changes already!