Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lots Of Contractions Lately

So, as of Thursday of last week, I've been having lots of contractions. On Sunday, when I went to bed they were between 3 minutes apart to being on top of one another (and I had to breathe through them). I practiced my hypnobirthing, and it relaxed me enough to where after about an hour I fell asleep.

They continued throughout my restless sleep. I would dream I was in labour, wake up, and was still having the contraction from my dream. They slowed down the next morning to about every 10-20 minutes, but since we were going on our fishing trip (LOL - Yep we went), I made DH drive. I just took my birth kit. ;)

Things have slowed down a lot. I knew I wasn't in labour. I did find out that I could visuize my cervix on Sunday night and actually feel it changing and opening some. It was amazing! I found I could relax much faster by visualizing my cervix opening.

It was a really wonderful experience to work on my mental state. I hope I can keep it up when my final labour starts up.

I will admit that I was kind of hoping I was in labour. However, at 37 weeks, I want to wait a few more weeks.