Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Gone

Baby Z is 6 days old.  This afternoon his little belly button fell off.  Ok, it wasn't his bell button exactly, but his cord stump.  

Either way, it's both sad and a relief to see it go.  It's like a piece of his newborn stage is gone.  However, now I don't have to worry about it getting pulled, or getting damp from the cloth diapers. 

Bye bye belly button plug. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Post baby belly

So, it's early, but I'm thinking about when I start getting back in shape.  I won't start running until probably September.  I can't fathom starting my running during the Missouri summer.  Not unless I plan to run around 6am.  I'm not a morning person, but it's always a possibility. 

Anyway, I've been eating a lot since Zechariah was born.  Like, a lot.  I can't seem to get full.  I'm ok with that. I'll eat to get my body ready to feed him.  However, I need to watch my foods.  I did have a cookie and ice cream binge the last few days.  Thankfully I've also been eating a lot of salad, veggie soup, homemade whole wheat bread, water, etc...  

I need to stay healthy for me, but also for Zeke.  I want to be healthy, but also get in shape eventually, when my body is ready.  

So, here I am.  Today's 4th Trimester tummy picture. 

Adjusting to the change

You would think there wouldn't be much to adjust to.  I'm used to this, right?  Never.  There's always the adjustment period.  

I'm finally able to breath again.  After every baby I tend to have trouble breathing.  Right after birth it's like my lungs need to adjust and it takes a day or so to breathe properly.  I'm still sore and can't do much more than eat, sleep, use the bathroom, and feed baby. I'm also rather irritable from after birth pains.  Those really suck. 

As for Zeck, he's doing great.  He cried most of the first night.  Last night he did great. He slept a lot of the night, allowing me to sleep some.  
He is finally learning how to nurse, and my milk is coming in, so that helps.  He still likes to try to bite off my nipples, and I'm scared to nurse him.  It's getting better though. 

He is just the favorite person in the house. The kids (even Joy) keep petting his head and kissing him.  I love holding him, and he loves to sleep on my chest.  He's so strong too.  I put him in his tummy and he lifts his head and looks back and forth.  

He's just an an amazing little guy.