Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Abby Turned 9 Yesterday

So my Abigail is 9. How amazing that she has grown so much.

Yesterday we had a little party at the park. Her sisters Sadie and Hannah designed and decorated a Dalek cake for her. They all love Doctor Who. Abby loves the Daleks. It turned out great. She loved it.

I made chili for dinner. After we ate, we went to the park for cake and ice cream. Her friends Jenny and Michael came and they all got to play and eat. It was a great time.

C25K - Week 1 Day 1

Today I am starting the C25K program. It is a program to get you off the couch to running 5 kilometers (C25K). I have been exercising the past couple months with both weight training and cardio. I'm going to add in running as my main cardio. I am so excited to get back in shape. Now that Joy (my 8th baby) is 4 months old, I am ready.

My husband is doing the C25K as well. We are alternating days, so he will run day 2 tomorrow, while tomorrow will be my day off.

-- After My First Run --

I'm back. Oh my heck. I truly thought I was going to throw up. I feel much better now that I've showered, rested, and eaten. Yes, I even ate after my run.

I started off and it said to begin warm up. Warm up? What am I supposed to do? Yeah. If I would have read the little blip on the top right corner of my iPhone app I would have seen the 5 minute warm up.

So after my warm up walk (I figured that's what it wanted me to do), I'm already a little tired. Maybe not a good start to my run.

Then I begin my 60 second run. Now, I didn't really think I was all that out of shape. I'm 5'4". I weigh 148 as of today. I've been exercising for a couple months. I am glad I was doing my exercises. This was pretty hard. Not so hard it couldn't be done. It was a good workout.

I was thankful for my 90 second walk times between the 60 second runs. By the time I got about 3/4 done, I was walking with my hands above my head. I needed that extra air. My calves hurting and my struggling to breathe were my biggest problems.

I was thrilled when I finished. The cool down was much needed. I also made sure to stretch after I was done.

Then I came inside. My oldest daughter said I looked like a tomato. My husband laughed saying he though I turned into a lobster. I turn very red when I'm hot.

Overall I am both excited and dreading my next run. I feel FANTASTIC right now. I feel like I accomplished something huge!


I am going to get healthy!

My current pictures are posted below, as well as my Why Did I Do This To Myself face after my first run.

My measurements:

May 8

Weight 148

L - 23.5
R - 23.5
L - 13 7/8
R - 13 7/8
Waist (around belly button)
Waist between belly button and hips (baby tummy)
38 7/8
Triceps (around biggest part)
L - 13
R - 13.25