Monday, October 15, 2012

30 Weeks and 4 Days

The last few days have been crazy. Hormonally, I'm everywhere. Happy one minute, then upset. Sometimes I just can't stand the thought of anyone even touching me, at all. My poor Jacob is finding out that he can't squirm and pinch all over me all the time. He hates being sent to the floor from my lap, but it's that or pull my hair out.

I've been trying to clean lately. Nesting I guess. I got almost all of the back room (our future bedroom, and where I plan to labor) cleaned out. Unfortunately, my right hip joint has been acting up. I can work for an hour, maybe two or three if I'm lucky. After I rest, I am limping for the rest of the day. Sometimes the next as well.

Acid reflux has hit hard again. It's been pretty good this pregnancy. The last month or two I've had almost none. I've had trouble sleeping the last two nights, using my Bumbo pillow to prop myself up and curl around like a body pillow. I did end up sleeping sitting up on the couch half the night lastnight. A big roast dinner just before bed didn't help things. Won't do that again.

Other than that, things are going great. Baby is active, kicking and rolling right now. I did misplace my RRL leaves, but found them today. Weight has been stable. I need to keep up with my fluid intake.

Family news:

Brent is in another play. He's so excited. I thought about trying out for the part of the pregnant lady, but being a few weeks from my due date, I decided it would be more stress than I needed. Plus, I see it as Brent's away time. Where he can "get away" for a bit.

Abby has found she likes to read. YAY!!! She has been so insistent she "can't read". However, she read 79 pages in a book I found for her the other day... All in one day! Can't read! Whatever! LOL!

She also went to the park with Hannah today. They were gone for 15 minutes when they came back. Abby somehow ran into a pole, bloodied her nose and whacked her front left tooth. Thankfully, so far her tooth looks fine, and her nose as well. She "killed" her front baby tooth as a little one (around 2). Knocked it on a free weight, abscessed it, and when the Dr pushed on the spot on her gums above it, it killed; turning it grey. I told her of she did that again, she can't get a new tooth.

Hannah has made a couple friends. Jenny and Destiny. It's really perked her attitude up.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that we bought a school bus last week? Yep. Our van officially died a few weeks ago. We found a cool black school bus on Craigslist and bought it.

That's about it for now!