Monday, November 10, 2014

A new house, a new life

The past year has been a lifetime of changes. 

Over the last year we have been fighting a battle with our village board.  We live in a village with about 100 people.  They are enacting new ordinances, and will be enforced by an ordinance officer.  You can be fined up to $500 per offense.  There are other issues we have with this as well. 

There is an issue with the water system.  The water is awful. However, the new system is under contract to where if you sign up, you pay a minimum $10 a month fee for 35 years to pay back the loan.  This is as long as they have 65 households signed up.  If less, you pay more.  You also pay a minimum $20 month fee per month for water service no matter if you use it or not.  So $30 per month without using any water, minimum. We had to decide if we would sign up by Nov 5, or pay $1500 later to get hooked up. 

We didn't sign up.  

Things fell through with the house we were looking at getting in town. 

On Nov 5, we decided to not sign up for water at our house we were currently in.  We also decided it was time to move.  Brent contacted his friend Jeff, who is a realtor.  The next day we were going to look at Jeff's dad's house (possible 7 bedroom). He was asking $49,000, we after talking to him, he said he would take $45,000. Before we left on Wednesday to look at the house, Jeff called and asked if we would come look at another house first.  The lady's husband was a lawyer, and they were fixing it up before he passed.  

We met at the house.  A pretty blue, with a porch that wraps around the front. 
When we walked in the house, I was blown away.  A gorgeous kitchen. Jeff said it was a $15,000 kitchen remodel.  Beautiful.  The formal dining room was huge.  The family room was the same size.  There was a room on the main level that had damage.  The skylights upstairs leaked, which ran down and caused part of the ceiling to fall in on the bedroom.  There's also a cute little room between the bedroom and stairs.  

We went upstairs.  The 2 bedrooms that the kids could share are amazing!  So much room!  Then, the master bedroom.  It's got the space in there as what our whole trailer is.  Plus, an enclosed porch with a jacuzzi tub.  2914 sq ft house.  It also has a full basement!  

She was asking $39,000!  We decided that night to put in an offer. We offered $25,000.  She countered with $35,000.  Then we met at $32,500!  

We handed Jeff the contract today!  We just need 20% down and get the financing.  

Trying not to get excited.  Trying not to get excited.  

I'm so excited!!!!

The house was built in 1906.  It had a feeling of peace and love.  It was a warm house.  I walked in.  I felt like I was at home.  

We went inside and got some good pictures. 

Dining room

Room we call the 'ballroom'.  I can do my Salsa and Ballroom Dancing in here. 

Front Room

Sadie's cute room of her own and closet under the stairs. 

Going upstairs

Girls room

Boys Room

Me and Brent's room

Back downstairs... My favorite piece in the house.  The mirror in the ballroom.