Friday, April 11, 2014

A scary night at the hospital

Ok. We're home from the hospital. 

That was the scariest thing I've ever been through. It trumped Bekah's seizure. Brent called last night after the play was over (he's durecting The Fantasticks and I was opening night).  He said he was sitting there and his foot suddenly started hurting really bad.  He couldn't walk on it and hurt really bad when it wasn't moving.  When he got home it was red and swollen in the two veins on the outside of his foot. He was in a lot of pain (which says something since he can handle pain). We decided to go to the ER after reading up on the symptoms of blood clots.  He fit them all.  Better safe than sorry.  

I was scared.  I drove, and was battling contractions.   Baby was literally spinning inside of me.  Round and round on my cervix, causing pain and contractions the entire drive.   Brent was in a lot of pain still.  We were almost there and his foot started feeling a little better, but he felt something shift to his knee. Then got light headed and sweaty.  He asked me to pray for him.  He was scared.  I prayed outloud, but started bawling.  Then I missed the turn to the hospital.  We were running on gas fumes, as the light had been on for a while, but I just wanted to get there.  

We finally get there (ran 2 red lights and then going 80 mph once back on the interstate) and I run to get a wheelchair. We get in the ER and they ask him for his birthday, name, insurance info, address... I'm about to scream at her. WHY are they just sitting there?!  He is barely conscience, his hands are seized up, he's slurring his speech... I kept trying to open his hands.  They were stiffened into an L.  I grabbed his head and kept telling him I loved him.  I was so scared he was going to die.  That he was having a stroke. I didn't want him to leave me without hearing those words from me one last time.  

They finally take him in and I move the car since it was parked at the curb. All the spots seemed to be reserved for physicians.  I start yelling at the parking spots.   I finally find a spot. I get out and start bawling in the parking lot. I called my mom and start crying and talking 100 miles a min. She makes me stop, slow down, and repeat because she isn't sure if she's talking to me or my daughter Sadie, and wasn't sure who I'm talking about. She leaves her house to meet me up there. I'm pretty sure he's having a stroke.  

I get to his room and he's getting ready for an IV. He's looking better. I asked if he felt better but he didn't answer. I panic for a moment and ask him if he can talk. He said yes, and that he's feeling better but foot still hurts. 

They take blood, keep us there about an hour or two, feel his foot, say it's probably tendentious, write a script for anti inflammatories, and send us home. They said you can't feel blood clots (which isn't true from my friends who's spouses had them).  He can walk today.  It's feeling better, but his knee hurts a little.  I'm still worried about him.  He's not sure if it's a pain from running or from last night.  He didn't notice it until the car trip when he said he felt the pain move from his foot to his leg. 

I thought he was going to die. Too damn scary! Every time he said he felt funny, or thought he'd pass out I told him he wasn't allowed to feel that way.  I'm still telling him that.  Every time I think about it I cry.  I can't lose him.  All I could think was this can't be happening. Stay awake.  Stay with me.  

Brent's side at 3am after getting home:

Tonight was a surreal experience. It was opening night for The Fantasticks, which went really well. However, as I was sitting backstage, I started to get a throbbing pain in my foot for no apparent reason. By the time I left I could barely walk to the car. When I got home, Amanda noticed my foot was red, and slightly swollen. I couldn't put any weight on it at that point. The pain grew so intense that I decided to go to the hospital. About 5 minutes from Liberty hospital, the pain eased somewhat. Then my whole body got cold and sweaty, and my arms and head began to tingle. By the time we got to the hospital I couldn't move my arms, my hands were stiff, and I was barely conscious. They had to wheel me inside. At that point Amanda thought I was dying.

By the time I got to the room I started to feel better, although my foot still hurt. They ruled out anything serious. The doctor thinks the foot pain is just an inflammation of the tendons, or possibly a viral infection in my foot.

One funny thing that happened is that I got a new girl putting my IV in. It's not the most comforting thing having a new girl shoving a needle in your arm, especially when she yells "Oh shit" and blood goes everywhere. lol

I still can't put weight on my foot, but the meds have helped the throbbing subside. At least I didn't have to spend the night in the hospital. It's also nice to still be alive. Now I'm just waiting for the adrenaline to wear off so I can get some sleep.