Saturday, May 18, 2013

C25K - Week 2 Day 3

It is finished!  Week 2 is over!

Hannah and I took a different route today.  We ran to the river and back today.  I lost Hannah a couple times.  She caught up though.  

It was a beautiful run.  It's a straight dirt road.  Trees and fields on both sides.  Long steep hills to run up and down.  

Today was a great run.  I went slower than yesterday.  I felt great.  I was hot, but not exhausted.  I know I'm ready to advance when I make it through my run without wanting to die.  I've decided I like what I did this week.  I'm going to try it with week 3 where I run day 1 slower.  Push myself day 2.  Then run day 3 normal.  It seems easier that way.  

I'm excited for Monday.  

Week 3 is run 90 sec; walk 90 sec; run 3 min; walk 3 min and do that twice. 

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