Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

On Saturday, September 3rd, Brent, myself, Jacob, and Rebekah headed up to Gallatin to check out a storage facility that is for sale. We talked to the man about it, and are now waiting for the contract to be written up. We will be "managing to own" a storage facility. It has 31 units, all but 2 are rented out. It also has 4 store fronts, so we can do our BBQ (so excited!) because we can get one set up as a commercial kitchen! One would be for the office, and the other two are private enough that we can remodel them a little and make them into a living quarters until we get some land!

After we got back on Saturday, we prepared for Monday's "festivities". It was Labor Day, and we were spending the day at Brent's Grandmother's with his parents, and other family and friends. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and I brought some dessert (brownies, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie).

Just before dinner, Bekah was getting a little grumpy. She had eaten a little breakfast, and flat out refused lunch, so I was sure she was grumpy because she was hungry. It didn't help she was getting 3 teeth all at once either (a molar, eye tooth, and front tooth). Sandy (Brent's mom) gave Bekah some watermelon, and she ate a few pieces. Then, a few minutes later, dinner was ready. I made her plate, but she refused to eat it. She just cried. I took her and put her in bed and she went to sleep. At that time I didn't think she felt hot. Sandy said earlier she had felt hot (feverish), but it seemed to have gone down.

After a while, Brent, the kids and I all went downstairs where Bekah was resting. She began getting fussy around 9, and Hannah said she felt hot again. I asked her to go get a sippy cup of ice water. When Hannah got back downstairs, she said Bekah didn't look right. They were behind Brent and I. We turned around, and Hannah was holding Bekah up, with her arms wrapped under Bekah's arms. Bekah was just dangling there (Brigham kept trying to give Bekah her sippy cup). Something was definitely not right. Bekah was in the middle of a febrile seizure (a first for us).

I will admit right now that I completely lost it. I was absolutely terrified and on the inside was having a total break down. On the outside, it wasn't much better. Brent grabbed up Bekah and held her. I called 911. That was an ordeal in itself. I dialed on Brent's grandmother's phone, and waited for what seemed like forever (probably 10 seconds), and it didn't ring. I looked at the phone and yelled at it. At that time, everyone else in the room looked at me funny. I told them Bekah was having a seizure, and they all began to move around to help. I tried dialing again, but the phone line was dead (GREAT!). I pulled my cell phone out and got through (by that time she was getting better and I didn't actually NEED to call, but I found that out later).

The police got there within minutes, followed by the fire department, then the paramedics. Come to find out, when you mention 18 month old, they all come running. Brent went with her to the hospital. I wanted to sooo bad, but I had Jacob, and there was no way they would let him in, and I didn't want him exposed to all the hospital germs. When we went outside to the ambulance, you should have seen the street. The entire street was filled with flashing lights. There was the ambulance, 2 fire responder vehicles, and around 5 police cars, all in a little culdesac. I said later that you just can't have a good holiday without the entire police force showing up at your front door.

Brent got to Children's Mercy around 10pm. Bekah was responsive, but still not feeling well. Here's a picture Brent took of her in the ER waiting room.

We were all pretty shaken up. Hannah kept saying if only she would have gotten the water to her faster (I told her that there was NOTHING she could have done to prevent it), Sadie couldn't stop crying (they have a special bond), Brigham couldn't understand why Bekah wouldn't take the cup from him. He kept saying that he tried to give it to her, but she wouldn't take it. When Sandy and Bill were telling him that Bekah went to the hospital, he responded back that the hospital is where people go to die. How sad that he thought she was going to die! We told him that she went there to get looked at and would be home soon. Abby and Moses were doing fine. Abby was skipping around (LOL), and Moses was next door with great grandma and the company talking about dinosaurs (Jurassic Park) and Ghost Busters.

Now, the delima that came to be was that Brent was at the hospital, and had no way to get home. I didn't know how to get to the hospital, and had baby man. What to do? My cousin Stephanie said she could give us a ride (so sweet of her), and took Sadie and myself to Children's Mercy. I left Jacob with my mom, thinking they would get out soon (LOL - Yeah right). After 5 hours, we FINALLY saw a doctor, who went over what we should do if it happens again.

Here's Brent and Bekah waiting in the room.

Basically, Bekah has a 30% chance of another febrile seizure, she'll out grow them by 6 at the latest, if it lasts more than 5 minutes - take her in or call 911, a fever reducer wouldn't have prevented it, and her (or my other children) will probably pass it on to their children.

I learned from questioning others and my own studies that she needs a high fat diet. The brain cannot handle the fever if it doesn't have enough fat.

Overall, it was a frantic and traumatic learning experience. I don't want to go through that again, but I will be watchful during each fever we have from now on. Bekah is doing fine, and is as ornery as she always has been.

We are now preparing for our move, coming up soon! Nothing but sunny skies ahead, if I have anything to say about it.

Thank you Heavenly Father and Mother for watching over my family!

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