Thursday, August 11, 2011

8 Days Old - I'm Exhausted

My man is 8 days old. It has been an emotionally draining day.

First thing's first. Our little man now has a name. I would like to officially welcome Jacob Porter Hartman to the family. What a name. It fits him perfectly. Our little Jacob!

Second... Jacob had an experience of his own today. In our family, we believe in the Token Of The Covenant. On the 8th day, the boys get their circumcision with a Mohel. So, this afternoon, Jacob saw the Mohel and was circumcised. It is always, as a mother, hard to see your baby go through that. As necessary as it is for us (our beliefs), it's a moment of happiness and sadness. It was so fast (about 15 seconds start to finish). He is doing great. What a trooper. He's now sleeping in my arms.

It's been such an exhausting day. With the mixed happy and sad feelings, then, on the way home a song came on the radio. A song that played at my best friend Tara's funeral. That was really too much for me. My brain is short circuited, and I am emotionally fried.

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