Wednesday, August 10, 2011

7 Days Old Today

My little man! He's a week old already! It's almost sad that so much time has passed. He is such a perfect baby. He sleeps amazingly! Last night he slept so long in his bassinet that I got up to check on him, and make sure he was okay. He's so sweet and snuggly!

His little umbilical cord fell off today. It was really wanting to hang on when using the cloth diapers. Yesterday, though, I decided he needed to go to sposies to keep the cord dry. The cloth were just too damp at times to let it dry out. It worked. I kept putting the Golden Seal powder on the cord, and it dried up and fell off by today.

Tomorrow is his "big" day. At 4:15 is his appointment with the Rabi to get his circumcision. He will also get his official name. I say he's having his Naming Ceremony. I am so excited. Brent and I talked about the name today. I really liked Porter Nathanial, but we both agreed that Porter was not what we "felt" his name was. I think we've come to an agreement on his name. We just have to see our child, and feel what his real name is. This time it just took a little longer, but according to Jewish tradition (although we're not "Jewish"), the official naming is during the bris, on the 8th day. That will be his as well.

Other exciting news for the day. I entered a contest on the Cuties With Cloth Booties blog, and won a free cloth diaper for my little man!!! How very exciting! We also have a bunch of cloth, and my mom and I are going to try to make some diapers, probably next week, after we get our big "House Clean Out" finished. :)

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