Monday, February 22, 2010

I Did It! It's Encapsulated! -- Had To Tell Someone! -- Pictures

I am so excited! I finally got the placenta encapsulated! Our little one is a week and a half old, but I am so happy that I got it done. I froze it the day of her birth, and decided to go ahead and dehydrate it and make it yesterday, since I had thawed it out the day before.

I took pictures of the process. I am just so happy, since this is another of my firsts in this pregnancy and birth. :) I don't know if anyone else has posted this, but I thought it might be of interest. Here is how I did it.

Placenta after sack and umbilical cord trimmed, and being sliced thin.

Sliced and on rack.

In oven (very low temp so it drys and doesn't cook).

Hours later... it is finished drying.

Chopping it up.

All ground up with RRL, fenugreek and kelp.

Encapsulating the powder.

Finished... I got 150 capsules! :)


~Stephanie said...

This is awesome!! I'm thinking of doing something like this (if I ever conceive again, lol)

ErinH said...

Amanda- did you get a kit to make your capsules? Where did you get your supplies? Do you feel like it impacted your milk supply/ppd any differently than just taking fenugreek?



Anonymous said...

what do you do with the capsules? if you sell them, how much are they worth? and what would someone consume them for? like nutritional benefits?
thanks :]