Monday, February 22, 2010

39 Weeks and Waiting - Rambling Thoughts - Catching Up On Old Posts

This was written Jan 24, 2010... I just never got it posted.

I can't believe I am at 39 weeks. It has all gone so fast. These last few weeks have gone by really fast and really slow. LOL! If that makes any sense. My stomach is always cramping and tired, and I have had horrible heartburn, but I am not quite ready for baby yet. I am kind of hoping for Feb 6 (was my Grandmother's birthday). We have been working like crazy, and have almost gotten our cabin finished. We just have the upstairs left to put flooring and trim down on for the girls, which should be done this week. Until then, I have their dressers in my room taking up space that I will need when laboring and birthing.

I am still in shock that we have decided to home birth this baby by ourselves. I am so excited, and yet I am just recently warming up to the new baby. I haven't really felt much through this pregnancy other than the need to prepare. I just the other night had a dream that I met my new little one (a girl in my dream) and got to see her. I woke up, and all I wanted was to snuggle with my baby in the bed. I think that one good thing about all of this is that I am not at all nervous about the labor and birth. I am completely at peace about all of it, and I am more focused on helping myself relax through my more uncomfortable contractions I've been having the past few days.

The pregnancy has been really normal. No complications. No complaints (other than the normal aches and pains associated with the end of pregnancy). Baby has finally dropped. I am measuring right on track. I have gotten my weight to where it should be. Before we moved, I was eating unhealthy foods and had gained way too much weight. In the last almost 2 months, I have not gained any weight at all. This is not bad, but good, because I have lost a lot of mommy fat, and have gained, in return, baby weight. I have now gained a good, healthy 35 lbs for this pregnancy. There has been no dieting, but just eating healthy foods like fresh ground whole wheat, honey (instead of white sugar), water, raw milk, brown rice (instead of white) and cutting out all the refined flours and sugars, soda and candy.

This has really made me feel better about the labor and birth as well. I know that I am in a much better state to go through what my body is going to have to do. I am much healthier, and so is my baby. I hope to get to meet my little one soon. Until then, I have been keeping myself busy with the kids and going over birth information with DH. When the time has come I'll share the birth story and some pictures of baby. I pray all of you are doing well.

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