Saturday, February 27, 2016

Working out and preparing for my second 5K!

I'm posting a lot.  I have a lot to say, and do what to cram it all in one post.

I've been reading into my exercise routine.  Hannah and I ran Week 3 Day 1 of the 10K Trainer yesterday.  It was easier than I remembered it being.  It was a 90 second run, 3 min run, 90 second run, and 3 min run.  It doesn't seem like a lot, but it is when you haven't run a lot.

However, we have only 10 weeks before the 5K.  We should be well into the 10K Trainer by that point and running over the 3.1 miles.

I'm also part way into my 30 Day Challenge (30DC).  I am up to 16 pushups (don't laugh), 38 squats, 38 bridges, 85 second plank, and 16 tricep dips.  It goes up daily, so tomorrow will be higher.

What else?  DDP Yoga as well.  I'm not as good at keeping up with it, but I'm trying.

Hopefully I will be getting in better shape by the end of the summer.  :)

I will also add that I am amazed at how the endorphins from working out help with stress.  Wow!   Several weeks in and I'm relaxed.  I'm happy.  I'm stress free.  I love it.

I'm adding my before pictures. This was from Feb 12, so I'm not updating for a while.  If I ever have anyone read this... Sorry.  I have pictures.  Hey!  I've had 9 kids.  Leave me alone!  Ha ha ha!


Feb 13, 2016

Full hips - 41.5
Belly (button) - 38
Thigh - 25
Arm - 13.5
Calf - 15
Underbust - 34.75
Bust - 38
Neck - 13


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