Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Positive Attitude

It's amazing how a positive attitude can change so much about your life.  It's been almost 6 months since my last post.  I have worked hard at changing my trot use and bettering myself.  I have managed to pull myself out if the funk that I had slipped into.  Instead of focusing on the negative I've worked on making my life better.  I am concentrating on the positive, and the positive has multiplied in my life.

I am doing amazing with my kids.  My patience is so much better.  My relationship with my hubby has grown exponentially.  I am flirting and snuggling more.  Something I had stopped doing.  Everyone is happier, and life is amazing right now.

I have learned to down out the bad thoughts and to listen to the happy ones.  I am still not where I want to be, but I'm getting there.

I am a great person.

I am a great mother.

I am a great wife.

I am a Daughter of God.

I am worth all the good in the world.

You are too.

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