Monday, June 25, 2012

Kefir Water

I've been working with the kefir water. It's been trial and error. What I'm wanting is kefir soda. What has been giving me problems is the "fizz". I finally got my grape soda to fizz really well tonight. Almost too well. LOL! So far I still have yet to get the ginger ale to fizz.

What I did was take the advice from several people. I'm letting my grains sit in the water for 48 hours, for now. I add the grape juice into the bottle, then the kefir water. I plug it, shake it, and let it sit 24 hours. I then vent it (an listen to see if it pops), then plug it, shake it, and let it sit another 24 hours. After that, I put it in the fridge.

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