Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Double Standard Of Birth Choices

I don't understand why people don't get upset when the choice to home birth with a midwife is stripped from a woman.

I can guarantee that if it was as difficult to find someone to assist a hospital birth, as it is in many states to find someone to assist a home birth, women nationwide would be up in arms! They would be livid that their choice to birth in the hospital was being taken from them.

Why is it okay to let the choice be hospital or unassisted birth? Isn't it safer to give women the ability to have a birth assistant at home, instead of forcing them into an unassisted birth if they aren't prepared, or aren't comfortable with going it alone?

Shouldn't we, as women, be fighting for the rights of each other? Fight for each other's birth choices, even if it's not our own? Why is there such a double standard?

I have had my hospital, assisted home, and unassisted home births. I was put in the position of hospital or UC. I chose UC. I was prepared for it beforehand. It was amazing. :)

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