Monday, August 24, 2009

17 weeks 2 days

Well, not much happening right now. :) That is always good. I am getting bigger. I am trying to focus more on food right now. I am wanting to eat healthier. It should be pretty easy soon, after we move. For now, though, it is not so easy. I always feel I am surrounded by food that is anything but healthy no matter where I go. It is hard to fight my willpower when it's everywhere. I have decided to stop drinking soda, however. I am going to start grinding my wheat again and make whole wheat bread and use whole wheat in a lot more stuff. I need to start eating more vegetables and less cereal, unless it is oatmeal. I am going to start snacking on healthier foods like cheese, fruit, vegetables, and home-made granola (one of my projects I want to do this week).

Breakfast -
1 english muffin w/ an egg and 2 slices of cheese

Snack -
1 cheese stick
1 granola bar
2 glasses (1 Qt total) 100% grape juice

Lunch -
2 Talapia fillets
1 glass water

Dinner -

1 helping pasta salad
4 small pieces beef
4 glasses water

Snack -
1 granola bar

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