Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'll be an old lady come Tuesday


I always joke with my girls on birthdays that the birthday girl is an "old lady" now. 

So, Tuesday I'll be an old lady! Yay

I had a fun pre-birthday week. My oldest came out for a few days to see us. She hadn't seen us all for a year (and a day). We had a lot of fun talking with her, cooking, going out to eat, shopping, playing games, and loading each other up with gifts. 

I got chocolate coffee she got while in Peru. 

I gave her canned food I made and a 5 foot teddy bear. Lol! 

I also got a family picture of all 10 of my kids, myself, and hubby. Best gift ever. I even got one with everyone looking forward and only baby was crying.

She was so excited to hold her baby sister. It was so fun. 

She's going back in the morning, so I'm trying not to be sad. However, it was a great Christmas/Birthday gift to see her. :)

Now, my 5 year old son... He asked what I wanted for my birthday. I said "Peace and quiet" and laughed. He said "No. I mean something I can put in a box". Lol! Nope. No quiet time. :p
He's joined the dark side tonight, so I guess that explains no quiet plans.  

They are so fun. <3
I feel so blessed tonight. 

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