Saturday, May 10, 2014

Placenta Encapsulation

I had Zechariah on 4/25 at home. My dd put the placenta in the freezer for me before I even got out of the shower. LOL!

Anyway, have you ever seen your placenta? I think it's the most awesome thing! It's beautiful. It sustains life. It is fascinating. 

This is the third of my own placentas that I've encapsulated. It can help with baby blues/ppd, increase milk, replenish lost vitamins and minerals, increase energy, decrease postpartum bleeding, and more. These are my happy pills. They boost my mood when feeling depressed. They also help my milk supply. 

Some will say ick (which I understand), but I would rather take a pill from my and my baby's own placenta than a pharmaceutical drug made from... I'm not sure what, but it's loaded with side effects. :(


I finally got it thawed out and 'processed' it today. Basically, I say a prayer of thanks and health over it, cut off the cord, slice the placenta thin, and put it on the dehydrator to dry completely.  Then it's ground into a fine powder form and put in capsules. 

I also have a piece in alcohol (drinking alcohol) for a tincture. I also like to make the cord into a heart and dry it. :)

My last I made jerky, but I am skipping that this time. 

After 24-48 hours on the dehydrator the strips are ready.  You want them to be completely dry.  They should snap when bent.  

Then I break them into small pieces and grind them in small batches in my dedicated placenta grinder (cheap coffee grinder). 

My pile after making 100 capsules. 

Once ground into a fine powder I fill my capsules in the capsule maker (0 size or 00 size). 

After encapsulated, put them in an airtight container (bag or jar) and keep in a cool place or freezer. 

(My first 100 capsules from this batch)

I'm also doing something special with some powder.  Here's the link to the recipe.

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