Monday, March 31, 2014

Almost There - Our Vacation

Today we left at about 10 am to go to Branson with Brent's parents and his sister's family.   It will be a 4 day vacation and I'm not exactly sure what all it consists of besides a show and food.  

His family got in town last night.  We hadn't seen them for a year, and I showed up at their hotel with the kids to surprise them with something else.  Yesterday I was 37 weeks pregnant. They were shocked.  My mil joked about if we knew what caused that, and that she was going to have the talk with us about the birds and the bees.  My fil looked over and mentioned is picked up a little weight.  LOL!

Today she mentioned that she likes traveling with a pregnant woman because it gives her an excuse to have us stop and use the bathroom. 

I found out that processed foods are no good for me.  We are at Hardee's and my feet and hands instantly swelled up.  4 hours later and they're still swollen.  I can't wait to get up and move out of the band and also get some more water to drink.  

It's been a good drive so far.  We're almost there and I'm enjoying the Ozark mountains.  I miss this area, as it's where I'd spend my summers as a kid.  

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