Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Dream Job

As I entered motherhood, I never imagined I would be where I am today. From the time I was 5, I knew my job in life was to be a veterinarian. I loved animals. I always had a pet. A dog and many cats were always at my home. I had rabbits, gerbils, hampsters, birds. Then, when I was a Junior in High School, it happened. I no longer wanted to care for animals. I still had a love for animals, but I had changed. It was not a passion. I just didn't want to do it any more.

I got married right out of High School. I had kids. I worked here and there (airlines, quality control for DirecTV, travel agent, hotels, etc.). Mostly, a SAHM. Then, after my 4th child, a spark began to kindle.

My 4th baby was my first home birth. I had my wonderful midwife and my doula. It made such an impression on me. I began studying pregnancy, labor, and birth a lot. During that pregnancy in 2006, all my time was studying. I wanted, I needed, to know more.

I went on to have my next child at home in 2008, assisted by my friend's mother and her daughter. I learned so much from her about natural healing and herbal remedies.

I went on, in 2010, to have my first unassisted pregnancy and birth. Then again, in 2011, my second unassisted pregnancy and birthed my son completely alone.

That was when the spark burst into flames. I knew what it was that I was to do with my life.

I have since began my journey as a Doula. I am still studying. I am trying to get off the ground. I have my site, my Facebook page, listings on Craigslist and Facebook. I am just waiting, hoping, praying, and searching for the opportunity to help women through their labor and birth. I am so excited to be there for them. To offer placenta encapsulation. To actually have a job with what I have my passion and love in.

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