Wednesday, June 8, 2011

31 weeks 2 days

Things are still going great. As of now, I'm still showing a weight gain of only 10 pounds. However, I had some "extra weight" that has been burning off while baby weight has been adding on. I've been eating healthier, although the last few days I've nit been doing so well at keeping away from soda. :( I'm cutting myself off. The only other issue is acid reflux. Ugh! I hate it! LOL! It's strong all the time. The papaya tablets aren't working quite as well, so I'm going to look into Heartburn Soother tea and KYOGREEN--it is a wheat and barley powder mix that you mix with water. Hopefully one will help.

I'm getting excited as the day gets closer. The awful thing is that the birth is righ in the middle of our Kettle Corn season. It's going to cause issues, but there is nothing that can be done about it. :)

Anyway, baby's growing and I'm really feeling good overall.

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