Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday My Little Rebekah

Last year, on this day, my family was snowed into our little cabin. At 11:15am, my husband (Brent) and 11 year old daughter (Sadie) assisted the birth of our baby girl, Rebekah! Oh, how time flies. She is now, officially, 1 year old. It really does seem like just the other day she was a tiny newborn. Now she has her two front teeth, is walking, and just getting into everything in general.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Rebekah. You are my joy! You bring such happiness and laughter to our family every day!

Rebekah about an hour after birth (2-10-10)

Rebekah March 2010

Bekah in April 2010

Today, on her 1st birthday.

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