Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'll make it quick

Ok, so I am going to make this post quick. I feel like crap and don't really feel like saying much. Brent has been sick for the last week. On Sunday I was 'lucky' enough to get his flu, or whatever it is. My body hurts. I had a fever, but it finally broke a few nights ago. Now I'm left with what feels almost like strep throat, jaw pain, a headache, earache and a stuffy nose. It kills me to sneeze, but I can't stop them. Usually I can plug my nose and it stops, but I can't make myself not sneeze. It hurts like fire. I took 5 cough drops last night, but they stopped working. I made a Dr apt, but the earliest was in 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be better by then. LOL! Sadie and Abby have it now. I hope we all heal up quickly.

I'm just a bundle of good news. I have just felt so bad the last few weeks. I am looking forward to being healthy again. Some good news is that my kidneys haven't started hurting again. :) Baby is still kicking and having a grand 'ol time.

We went out and looked at a couple places today. One is a possibility. It was 3 bd 2 bth (the master was big and I could have a water birth. It was on 5 acres, so we could have chickens and maybe goats too (eggs and milk). I don't know, though. We are going to talk to a friend of ours and see if we can move out on his land for a little while. We'll see. I'm trying not to stress about it.

Looks like I've lost some weight with my illness. :(
weight: 152.0

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Marian said...

Dear friend Amanda. I love you, and pray for you often. God bless you in your days of childbearing. And child carrying! We love you all and hope you can find a place soon, where you can have your space and privacy to bring this child into the world! Our phone number is 270 531 2604. Love you. Marian